Hmm, well this is interesting from my perspective; usually when I blog I have a definite message or thought that I want to convey but with this… I want to draw attention to it and hopefully, encourage others to watch/read the series/book, but I’m not sure what I actually want to say in this blog. I suppose I’m just trying to stir up a conversation concerning the topics raised in both the book and drama, so forgive me if I get a little side-tracked at points, I’ll try to stay as concise and eloquent as I can… That said, let us dive into it!

(Oh, spoilers, duh! And, trigger-warning, this article discusses rape and teen suicide.)

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Rejected nikelodeon script…

Yeah, so last year I thought I’d try my hand at writing a script that could, perhaps, relaunch a couple old nikelodeon shows that I liked. Yeah, yeah, I’m a big kid: get over it. Anyway, I’ve tried to get this noticed by people in ‘the right’ places but… not happening, so, as I can’t use this elsewhere (the characters/locations already exist) I thought I may as well put it on here. Enjoy ūüôā

iBringItAllBackVictoriously (watermarked) -©Krystie-Maddox-Lue

Me Before You: a plot line review from a disabled perspective 

DISCLAIMER:¬†Now let me just say, I am disabled, however I’m not stupid or arrogant enough to suggest myself as some sort of expert on quadraplegia or any disability really. Not even my own. All I know is my own experience and my own views, so, I’m not telling you how to feel about this film, or the actions/reactions of any of the characters. The worlds full of a variety of wonderful personalities and the great thing about it is we can all form our own unique opinions on things.



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SAT’s exams: children aren’t robots or statistics, so stop treating them as such!

testingThis past week I have sat back and observed as newspaper after newspaper has printed articles criticising the difficulty of SAT’s tests which took place from last Monday (09/05) onwards. If we’re¬† being honest, I felt sure at first that these would assuredly turn out to be no more than petty complaints: a few parents voicing their collective irritation at the notion of yet more pointless examinations for todays youth. A valid point perhaps, but nothing new. That was until I decided to take the test myself.

Now this was an online test so I’ve no idea if or not it was the actual test children sat, or simply a practice, eitherway I was aghast: I got 40%… in an English exam!!!*

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Daredevil series 2… hmm

So Friday, Netflix launched the second series of the highly acclaimed original, Daredevil, based on the comics of the same name. As a fan of both the series and character of Daredevil, this, of course was something I’ve been looking forward too for a while now. Unfortunately, this series felt like a bit of an anti-climax…

[Read on for explanations of the above statement, but warning, SPOILERS!]

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