Letter to autum

Dear Autumn

I thought I’d just write to you once, just because… You’re time is almost up for the year now. I kinda feel like you pass by less noticeably than your sibling counterparts, somehow… maybe that’s sad?

I was sorry to see the summer fade away, but this year, autumn, I’m actually sadder to be saying goodbye to you. I feel like I learned something during your reign this year, something indescribable maybe, but significant nonetheless.

With each of your passings I grow, and change, and I feel like you change with me… or maybe it’s my understanding of you that changes. Eitherway, the ’you’ I got to know this year, is different to the ‘you’ I met last year. I wonder what you’ll be like next year?

YouTube celebrities sex scandal:why we have every right to feel angered, even sickened, but not entirely surprised…

Well, well, well, we certainly seem to have plunged headfirst down a rabbit hole don’t we? I’ve recently come across all this ‘youtube scandal’ stuff (late, i know) and my heads still reeling a little, to be honest. I feel… not let down, exactly, just saddened and in some cases a little disgusted; but not entirely surprised that something like what has been revealed, has been happening behind closed doors.

First of all, let me assure you: I don’t know any of the YouTubers, I’ve never been abused by any of them, never so much as received a tweet from any of them. Okay? And with that, let me explain my above statement.

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Been watching X Men First Class… or, why I’d join the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of Mutants as seen in XMen: The Last Stand

The Brotherhood of Mutants as seen in XMen: The Last Stand

Okay, so, first of all I watched XMen: First Class for the first time last week, having avoided it like the plague up until then (for reasons I shall delve into in due course) and now I find myself in the slightly awkward social position of sympathising with the ‘wrong side’ here, or at least, the generally promoted ‘baddies’ of the film: The Brotherhood of Mutants. I admit this is probably a strange statement, as ‘The Brotherhood’ claim to want to end humankind as it stands (or at least the non mutant/further evolved portion thereof) – harsh! Why then, do I sympathise with these people? Let me explain.


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Music: why age DOES matter

“I’m a McFly fan.”

That is usually one of my opening statements to people (along with the general formalities of course, name, age, etc.) I don’t admit this out of shame, or to cause shock, or really to receive any reaction at all. I simply state it out of fact therefore allowing room for the usual sarcastic comments, annoyed grumblings and/or look of guffawed horror to take place right then and there. I suppose, in much the same way that a former criminal might admit his past crimes to a potential new friend to avoid having to hold a sticky conversation later, I admit to my greatest misdeed right away and let whatever ripples that may cause happen immediately.

Because the fact is: it is not okay to be 21 and like McFly!

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