Building Blocks

As youngsters we build blocks just trying to reach the seemingly unreachable heights belonging to ‘adults’
Inevitably these Jenga-like replica’s come crashing down about our ears
And what really can we do but try again, hopefully this time learning from our mistakes

Yet, why so often do we continue stacking in the same uneven pattern?
How many times will we watch the blocks tumble before we learn to properly fortify?

Some blame age, thinking as though the time spent in building and planning is somehow related to the age of the plot on which it’s built
Certainly, as we slide through each year, we learn little by little how to build stronger towers,
Taller, more secure and with deeper rooted foundations, yet, oftentimes these sturdier experiments still continue to crash unceremoniously to the ground
Causing many to question why we bother even starting them in the first place

Despite this, it has been proven time and again, that
With the correct time and energy put in to laying the foundations
And with almost constant attention paid to re-fortification: these towers can last

A concept almost completely lost in amidst a society overrun by texting, coffee houses and the X Factor
But you give me hope


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