SAT’s exams: children aren’t robots or statistics, so stop treating them as such!

testingThis past week I have sat back and observed as newspaper after newspaper has printed articles criticising the difficulty of SAT’s tests which took place from last Monday (09/05) onwards. If we’re  being honest, I felt sure at first that these would assuredly turn out to be no more than petty complaints: a few parents voicing their collective irritation at the notion of yet more pointless examinations for todays youth. A valid point perhaps, but nothing new. That was until I decided to take the test myself.

Now this was an online test so I’ve no idea if or not it was the actual test children sat, or simply a practice, eitherway I was aghast: I got 40%… in an English exam!!!*

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Daredevil series 2… hmm

So Friday, Netflix launched the second series of the highly acclaimed original, Daredevil, based on the comics of the same name. As a fan of both the series and character of Daredevil, this, of course was something I’ve been looking forward too for a while now. Unfortunately, this series felt like a bit of an anti-climax…

[Read on for explanations of the above statement, but warning, SPOILERS!]

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Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…”


Anyone else remember that saying? I was probably about five the first time I heard it, I was at school and one of my peers had said something unkind. I can’t remember precisely what it was, probably something oh, so eloquent and charming like, ‘you smell!’ or ‘you’re ugly’, either way, the point is, I got upset. So naturally I ran and told a teacher, expecting… I don’t know, her to tell the other person off I suppose, maybe to impress upon him/her the damage words can do. She did none of that. She simply recited the aforementioned poem to me, and basically told me to toughen up.

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Glee Season 6 Premier: Loser Like Me//Homecoming

No, no, no, no, no!!! To put it simply, that is my opinion on tonight’s episodes (in plural, i.e. they were both lacking), for a more in depth analysis, please, read on. (Oh, and just by the by I had no intention of posting a review for this, but after watching it I felt compelled, so I apologise if this is somewhat lacking in clarity.)

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Building Blocks

As youngsters we build blocks just trying to reach the seemingly unreachable heights belonging to ‘adults’
Inevitably these Jenga-like replica’s come crashing down about our ears
And what really can we do but try again, hopefully this time learning from our mistakes

Yet, why so often do we continue stacking in the same uneven pattern?
How many times will we watch the blocks tumble before we learn to properly fortify?

Some blame age, thinking as though the time spent in building and planning is somehow related to the age of the plot on which it’s built
Certainly, as we slide through each year, we learn little by little how to build stronger towers,
Taller, more secure and with deeper rooted foundations, yet, oftentimes these sturdier experiments still continue to crash unceremoniously to the ground
Causing many to question why we bother even starting them in the first place

Despite this, it has been proven time and again, that
With the correct time and energy put in to laying the foundations
And with almost constant attention paid to re-fortification: these towers can last

A concept almost completely lost in amidst a society overrun by texting, coffee houses and the X Factor
But you give me hope

Letter to autum

Dear Autumn

I thought I’d just write to you once, just because… You’re time is almost up for the year now. I kinda feel like you pass by less noticeably than your sibling counterparts, somehow… maybe that’s sad?

I was sorry to see the summer fade away, but this year, autumn, I’m actually sadder to be saying goodbye to you. I feel like I learned something during your reign this year, something indescribable maybe, but significant nonetheless.

With each of your passings I grow, and change, and I feel like you change with me… or maybe it’s my understanding of you that changes. Eitherway, the ’you’ I got to know this year, is different to the ‘you’ I met last year. I wonder what you’ll be like next year?