Media-friendly disability.

So tonight I watched the latest episode of BBC’s Casualty, wherein the clinical lead Connie is currently having to undergo treatment for cancer of the heart and (spoiler alert) makes an unexpected/unwanted (?) pass at Ethan: her colleague who has been helping her through it. For some reason this stuck in my throat. At the time I couldn’t think why, so I proceeded to watch another film that gave me a similar feeling, Me Before You, and having done so, I believe I have found the root of the vine of irritation entangling many media portrayals of disability, for me.

Quite simply: television and film seem to imply that in order for disabled character to be valid, the afflicted must be, a) extremely attractive, b) wealthy/successful proffessionally, or c) able to overcome ‘normal expectations’. Any characters who do not meet these requirements simply don’t exist, on the whole: I believe Eastenders has a non-remarkable disabled character, but that’s the exception not the regular.

Look, I don’t wanna become known as the woman always ‘having a go’ at media portrayals of disability, but, like everyone else, I’d like to see a normal character ‘a bit like me’ pop up on my tele sometime!


Me Before You: a plot line review from a disabled perspective 

DISCLAIMER: Now let me just say, I am disabled, however I’m not stupid or arrogant enough to suggest myself as some sort of expert on quadraplegia or any disability really. Not even my own. All I know is my own experience and my own views, so, I’m not telling you how to feel about this film, or the actions/reactions of any of the characters. The worlds full of a variety of wonderful personalities and the great thing about it is we can all form our own unique opinions on things.



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Been watching X Men First Class… or, why I’d join the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of Mutants as seen in XMen: The Last Stand

The Brotherhood of Mutants as seen in XMen: The Last Stand

Okay, so, first of all I watched XMen: First Class for the first time last week, having avoided it like the plague up until then (for reasons I shall delve into in due course) and now I find myself in the slightly awkward social position of sympathising with the ‘wrong side’ here, or at least, the generally promoted ‘baddies’ of the film: The Brotherhood of Mutants. I admit this is probably a strange statement, as ‘The Brotherhood’ claim to want to end humankind as it stands (or at least the non mutant/further evolved portion thereof) – harsh! Why then, do I sympathise with these people? Let me explain.


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