The Tulip Touch script

So… got bored a while ago so I decided to see whether I could turn my favourite childhood book into a script.

Anywho, it seems the rights to all Anne Fine’s books have already been bought (probably following the success of mrs doughtfire) so… yeah, this is useless, enjoy!

The Tulip Touch

Rejected nikelodeon script…

Yeah, so last year I thought I’d try my hand at writing a script that could, perhaps, relaunch a couple old nikelodeon shows that I liked. Yeah, yeah, I’m a big kid: get over it. Anyway, I’ve tried to get this noticed by people in ‘the right’ places but… not happening, so, as I can’t use this elsewhere (the characters/locations already exist) I thought I may as well put it on here. Enjoy ­čÖé

iBringItAllBackVictoriously (watermarked) -┬ęKrystie-Maddox-Lue